Crown Classic

The Crown offers a large family friendly diameter of 7 feet to accommodate seating for 6 adults. The *DTS™ system, as with all Nordics, allows selective back massage or the whirlpool therapy function.


Most spas offer only traditional, targeted hydrotherapy, benefiting only the back half of the body. Nordic spas, with their barrier-free seating and turbo jets, will provide gentle, enveloping therapy to all zones of the body, back and front. Used by professional athletes the world over, whole-body whirlpool therapy has proven itself better at relieving tension and releasing stress stored in every area of the body.

This blend of style, versatility, and luxury will mend body and spirit for you and your loved ones.


Seating6 persons
Dimensions84 in. (213.4 cm)
Depth35 in. (88.9 cm)
Weight (dry)Approx. 345 lbs. (157 kg)
CapacityApprox. 325 gal. (1230.3 L)
Total Jet Package22
Turbo / Whirlpool Jets1
Foot / Leg Jets2
Ozonator Ready Jets1
Heater1kw on 110v / 4kw on 220v
Drain SystemYes
Air Controls5
Control PadSolid State Programmable
FilterEZ Top Load
LightFoot well LED Standard,
Mood Lighting Optional
Volts110 V / 220 V
Amps20 amps / 40 amps
Equipment AccessYes
Pump (2 Speed)1 (1.5 hp)
CD Stereo SystemN/A


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