Stella MS

The Nordic Stella is designed with Hydrotherapy and Value in mind, two deep bucket seats and a lounger with DTS whirlpool for a full body massage.  Foot jets abound as well as an option for our Northern Light Package LED, and WaterfallEnjoy starring at the Stars, in our Brightest Star…the Stella.


Nordic’s DTS™ whole-body therapy releases lactic acid from all areas of the body, allowing oxygen to flow freely. Nordic’s dual-therapy system offers a significant advantage over other spas that offer only targeted hydrotherapy.


Seating3 persons
Dimensions62 in. x 84 in. ( 157.5 cm x 213.4 cm)
Depth34 in. (86.4 cm)
Weight (dry)Approx. 416 lbs. (188.7 kg)
CapacityApprox. 250 gal. (946.4 L)
Total Jet Package23
Turbo/Whirlpool Jets1
Foot/Knee Jets2
Ozonator Ready Jets1
Drain SystemYes
Air Controls4
Control PadSolid State
Insulation2 lbs.
FilterTop Load
LightNorther Light Pkg – LED
Amps20/50 amps
Equipment AccessYes
Waterfall Jet1


Shell & Cabinet Options


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